Claire Miller

Global lake water quality, ecological systems and statistical challenges.

Venue: Lab 2, Postgraduate Statistics Centre, Lancaster University.

Date: Thursday 14-03-2019, 4 - 5pm.

Dr. Claire Miller, (University of Glasgow)

The surface water quality for lakes and rivers is routinely monitored to protect ecosystem, animal and human health and for compliance reporting to policymakers.

Current monitoring strategies enable measurements of water quality determinands to be obtained through satellite observations, automatic monitoring sensors and to be available in-situ at hundreds of spatial locations over time. There is a wealth of data available, which can provide novel information on the status of ecosystems with appropriate statistical analysis.

However, the data present several challenges for statistical modelling including the data dimensionality, missing data, calibration and validation and complex ecosystem interactions and connectivity. This talk will explore some of these statistical challenges with applications including global lake water quality and freshwater connected ecosystems.