December 2016

Using Statistical Theory, Epidemiology and Clinical Trials for Public Health Impact

Venue: Room A54, Postgraduate Statistics Centre, Lancaster University

Date: Thursday 08-12-2016, 4 - 5pm

Deborah Ashby, OBE (Imperial College London)

Statistical theory, making epidemiological observations and carrying out incisive analyses to understand those observations, and designing and carrying out elegant clinical trials are all absorbing, challenging academic activities in their own right. However, sometimes we can be left wondering ‘So what?’. Using those underpinning sciences to make a tangible difference to people’s health sometimes means going the extra mile, and venturing into worlds beyond the ivory tower.

Drawing on the speaker’s experiences from the worlds of academia, drug regulation and research funding, we look at some examples that have made a difference, reflecting on both the scientific underpinnings, and the pathways to making an impact.