Upcoming Local Events

 Thu 23 November 2017 Richard Emsley (Centre for Biostatistics & MAHSC Clinical   Trials Unit, University of Manchester, Manchester   Academic Health Science Centre) Evaluating Mechanisms in Randomised Trials of Complex Interventions

Past Events

 Thu 2 November 2017 Afternoon Environmental Statistics Meeting: Design   Principles and Capture Methods for Environmental   Modelling
    Stephen Buckland (University of St Andrews)

    Jon Barry (CEFAS)
    Gordon Blair (Lancaster)
    Clare Rowland (Center for Ecology & Hydrology,                    Lancaster)
    Alison Johnston (University of Cambridge & Cornell               University)
    Marcus Rowcliffe (Zoological Society of London)
    Chris Sherlock, Jon Tawn & Anna Barlow (Lancaster)

 Monitoring the Biodiversity of Regions: Key Principles and Possible   Pitfalls
 Marine Monitoring - Current Practice and Future Challenges
 An Internet of Things for the Natural Environment
 Satellite Data, Statistics and Land Cover Applications: Some Case-   studies
 People and Birds: Citizen Science Data for Ecological Monitoring
 Estimating Abundance from Camera Trapping Data
 Stopping-Time Bias for Flood Return Level Estimation

 Thu 28 September 2017 David Spiegelhalter (University of Cambridge)  Trust in Numbers
 Thu 13 July 2017 Ben Powell (School of Mathematics, University of Bristol) Some Developments in Inflation Estimation using Web-Scraped Data
 Thu 8 December 2016 Deborah Ashby (OBE) (Imperial College London) Using Statistical Theory, Epidemiology and Clinical Trials for Public     Health Impact [abstract]
 Thu 29 September 2016 Peter Henrys (Center for Ecology & Hydrology, Lancaster)  Robust Estimates of Natural Capital for GB  [abstract]
 Thu 2 June 2016 Sofia Villar (MRC Biostatistics Unit, Cambridge) The Multi-Armed Bandit Problem and the Design of Bayesian Adaptive   Clinical Trials: Recent Advances and Remaining Challenges  [abstract] 
 Thu 21 January 2016 Danielle Belgrave (Imperial College London) 
 Christopher Munro (University of Manchester)
 The Asthma E-Lab: Discovering Subtypes of Disease with Model-Based   Machine Learning   [abstract]
 Thu 26 November 2015 Frank Dunstan (Cardiff University)  A Bayesian Approach to Complex Clinical Diagnoses: A Case-Study in   Child Abuse  [abstract]
 Thu 22 October 2015 Peter Diggle (Lancaster University)  Statistics: A Data Science for the 21st Century [abstract]
 Thu 25 June 2015 Ian McHale (University of Manchester)  Time Varying Rankings Models to Determine the Greatest Sports   Players and Teams of All Time  [abstract] 
 Thu 26 February 2015 Robin Henderson (University of Newcastle)  Dynamic Prediction for Discrete-Time Recurrent Event Data:   Longitudinal Incidence and Prevalence of Infant Diarrhoea [abstract]
 Thu 4 December 2014 Michael Goldstein (Durham University)  Bayes Linear Uncertainty Analysis for Complex Physical Systems   Modelled by Computer Simulators  [abstract]  
 Thu 20 November 2014 Sandra Eldridge (Queen Mary, University of London)  Reporting Guidelines for Pilot and Feasibility Trials [abstract]
 Thu 30 October 2014 Ian Plewis (University of Manchester)
 Roger Stern (University of Reading)
 Statistics for International Development  [abstracts] 
 Thu 19 June 2014 Ruth King (University of St Andrews)  Is Everything a Hidden Process Model?? Case Studies in Ecology  [abstract]
 Thu 22 May 2014 Afternoon Meeting  Statistical Approaches to Analysing Domestic Violence  [abstracts]
 Thu 30 January 2014 John Pullinger (Department of Information Systems,
 House of Commons) 
 Statistics Making an Impact  [abstract]

 Thu 21 November 2013 Sheila Bird (MRC Biostatistics Unit, Cambridge)  Examining the Effectiveness of Naloxone (Take-home; On-release) to   Reduce Opiate Overdose Deaths 
 Thu 24 October 2013 Catalina Vallejos (University of Warwick)  Robust Bayesian Methods for Survival Analysis 
 Thu 4 July 2013 Afternoon Meeting: Statistics in Society
    James Nicholson 
    Toby Johnson
    Mark Latham
 Making Sense of a Multivariate World
 The Use of Statistics in the Pharmaceutical Industry
 Using  (Useful) Statistics in Football
 Thu 14 June 2013 One day Meeting: Practical Statistical Computing: A   Workshop on Advanced R
    Laurent Gatto (University of Cambridge)
    Markus Geesman (Lloyds)

    Willem Ligtenberg (Open Analytics)

 Integrating R and C including using Rcpp
 Creating Graphics with googleVis and R/ Creating Web Applications   with Shiny and googleVis
 Parallel Computing and GPU Computing in R
 Thu 21 March 2013 Karla Hemming (University of Birmingham)
 Alan Girling (University of Birmingham) 
 Stepped-wedge Cluster Randomised Controlled Trials - Some Variations   in Design 
 Thu 24 January 2013   Andrew Golightly (Newcastle University)
 Inference for Population Dynamics in the Neolithic Period
 Thu 6 December 2012 Nicos Pavlidis (Lancaster University Management School)  Classification in Data-Rich Dynamic Environments 
 Thu 1 November 2012 Danielle Bewsher (UCLan Solar Physics Group)  Statistical Studies of Coronal Dimming and Coronal Mass Ejection 
 Thu 14 June 2012 Young Statisticians Meeting: Current Challenges in Medical   Statistics
    Patrick Phillips (MRC Clinical Trials Unit, London) 
    Tom Fanshawe (Lancaster University)
    Peter Kimani (University of Warwick)

 Eradicating the World's Oldest Infectious Disease: Challenges in   Designing Clinical Trials for New Treatments of Tuberculosis 
 Multilevel Models for Cancer Progression
 Conditionally Unbiased Estimation in Adaptive Seamless Designs
 Wed 2 May 2012 Environmental Statistics Meeting: Aspects of River Flow   Modelling
    Adrian Bowman & Alastair Rushworth (University of             Glasgow) 
    Caroline Keef (Yorkshire Water)
    Keith Beven (Lancaster University)

 Going with the Flow: Regression Models for River Networks

 Spatial Extremes of River Flows
 Disinformation and Epistemic Error in Modelling Floods
 Thu 22 March 2012 Ashley Jones (Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust)  The Use of Systematic Reviews in the Design of Randomised Controlled   Trials 
 Thu 23 February 2012 Chris Glasbey (Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland)  Spatio-Temporal Weather Models 
 Mon 26 January 2012 Brian Tom (MRC Biostatistics Unit, Cambridge)   The Impact of Simplifying Statistical Modelling Assumptions when   Investigating Physical Functional Disability in Psoriatic Arthritis   Patients 


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